We have qualified personnel to provide a detailed Vocational Assessment that can identify and appraise an individual’s level of functioning in relation to vocational preparation and employment decision making.

We specialise in the provision of services to individuals who have sustained an injury or disability which prevents them from returning to their usual job and place of employment. When assisting an individual to look into alternative work options we employ the Strength’s Perspective model. A Vocational Assessment is completed with the individual and a vocational goal and a range of suitable employment options are developed. These are based on the person’s transferable skills, current abilities and interests, via an assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies, current work capacity and any restrictions for work

The purpose of vocational assessment in rehabilitation is to:

  • plan a course of action
  • enhance client self-knowledge and vocational decision-making abilities
  • predict realistic employment outcomes that result in successful client vocational rehabilitation

The assessment process consists of:

Interview with the client

Collection of routine background information (demographics)

Reliance on subjective client statements

  • Vocational       choice/interest
  • Self-estimates of       competence
  • Reported work history


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