Support Coordination

Coaching participants to develop capacity to build their supports with a focus on their personal goals and interests.

Plan Management and Financial Intermediary

We assist you and your family to understand your plan and help you to gain capacity to manage your plan for yourself.

We assist with making payment to providers.

Finding and Keeping a Job

Provide assistance to participants to identify, locate and obtain employment where they have the required skills and an area of interest.  Liaise with potential employers, arrange required insurances and work trials to establish participants capacity to work then negotiate a transition to paid employment.

Workplace assistance enables a participant to successfully retain employment in the open or supported employment areas.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

We support year 12 school leavers to transition from school into employment if they have a goal to be employed.

Therapeutic Supports

Occupational Therapy Services

Therapists may recommend necessary treatments, supports and required training to participants support network.  They can assist with in-home assessments to identify area where you may require extra support, training or equipment.

TRS can also provide Therapy Assistance to accompany you to your therapies such as hydrotherapy. Under the supervision of a therapist.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

We provide support workers who can accompany you for your chosen activities such as attending a live show, band or the movies.

Improve Daily Living Skills

TRS will assist you to develop and maintain a budget, transport training and general life skills in the home.

Assistance with Daily Living

We can assist with and/or monitor personal tasks of daily life to enable you to live as independently as possible.

House and/or Yard Maintenance

We have a small team who can assist you with Gardening and Maintenance some of this team do have a disability working along side a team leader.